Fully qualified Personal Trainers with 1-5 years Personal Training under their belt.

These fine folk are super keen to help you reach your goals health and fitness goals.


LAUREN  Level 1 Personal Trainer

Meet Lauren. After a magical 10 years competing nationally and internationally in Equestrian, she decided to switch up her riding boots for sneakers. A lover of all this fitness, outdoors, and sugar; Lauren is here and ready to help you gallop over hurdles and get you on the right course.

MICHAEL  Level 1 Personal Trainer

From an inspired member to a qualified Personal Trainer - This gentle giant won't just give you a good workout, he'll have you busting a move all the way home.
Michael has more energy and enthusiasm than you can throw a stick at. He can’t wait to help motivate and inspire others to learn to love fitness as he has.
If you’re looking for a trainer who knows how to put fun into a hard hitting session - come see Michael.

KIMBERLEY  Level 1 Personal Trainer

Super Mum, Dancing Queen, Personal Trainer - These are just a few titles that the amazing Kimberley holds. This pint sized super star brings more energy and enthusiasm to her sessions than The Wiggles concert.
As well as over 17 years of dancing professionally, Kimberley's experience includes competitive Sport Aerobics, Sky City Cheer Team, Fitness Instructing, and raising two gorgeous little boys.
If you're a Mum, Mum-to-be, or just someone who is looking to make health and fitness a priority in your life and get some epic noticeable results - then look no further than this wee gem.
Having 'been there, done that', Kimberley understands what its like to juggle family, work, and just 'life' in general - so she'll help nut out a blue print for success and guide you to achieve it.

HOPE  Level 1 Personal Trainer

Our very own Disney Princess, Hope, comes to us with a magical world full of experience. Her background in professional dancing has taken her literally all over the world; from dancing on cruise ships, to playing Snow White in Tokyo Disney Land - she has a broad understanding of people from all walks of life. 
Since returning to Aotearoa in 2016, Group Instructing and Personal Training have become her new passion and focus.

Small but mighty, Hope knows how to whip you into shape.