KIMBERLEY  Level 1 Personal Trainer

Super Mum, Dancing Queen, Personal Trainer - These are just a few titles that the amazing Kimberley holds. This pint sized super star brings more energy and enthusiasm to her sessions than The Wiggles concert.
As well as over 17 years of dancing professionally, Kimberley's experience includes competitive Sport Aerobics, Sky City Cheer Team, Fitness Instructing, and raising two gorgeous little boys.
If you're a Mum, Mum-to-be, or just someone who is looking to make health and fitness a priority in your life and get some epic noticeable results - then look no further than this wee gem.
Having 'been there, done that', Kimberley understands what its like to juggle family, work, and just 'life' in general - so she'll help nut out a blue print for success and guide you to achieve it.