Joe Merrall

JOE MERRALL | Level 3 Personal Trainer
With a colourful career including; Professional Animator, Professional Wrestling, RNZ Airforce Personal Trainer, Gymnastics Coach and more - Joe brings knowledge, experience and a holistic approach to his training style. He’s our resident movement and injury specialist with “The heart of a god damn lion”. Once you begin your journey with Joe, you’ll discover there is much more to exercise than losing weight or building muscle; he’ll help you understand the benefits of total mind and body conditioning.

Joe Merrall instructs the following:
  • Yoga Flow
  • Derived from traditional Vinyasa practices, Yoga Flow incorporates controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of traditional yoga poses and sequences that get your entire body into gear and harness the true potential of the human body. Yoga Flow is great for strength training, total body awareness, flexibility and meditation. If you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice of yoga, Yoga Flow is sure to leave you feeling calm and cantered but with an extra little skip in your step!

  • Warrior
  • Warrior combines dynamic functional movements and high intensity cardio intervals using non-conventional equipment such as ropes, kettlebells, sleds and slam balls.
    No workout is ever the same, so if you’re looking to spice up your workout routine then Warrior is for you.
    Challenge the way you train!

  • Yoga HIIT
  • The perfect fusion of Yoga and HIIT, this 30 min class incorporates 20mins of Tabata style body weight HIIT, sandwiched between traditional Yoga & Animal Flow exercises to start and finish the class. We're sure you'll love this balanced and truly unique class.

  • Gravity (TRX)
  • Total body strength using the Gravity Trainer (TRX) and a variety of equipment including Kettle Bells, Power Bags, Body Weight etc. Gravity Strength (TRX) is great for improving your strength, stability, balance, and core. Soft on the joints, challenging on the muscles - this class will strengthen your body in a whole new way.