Amanda Chan-Borell

Founder & Director | Fitness Instructor
Meet Amanda - Super Mum of two boisterous boys, devoted wife to husband PJ, travel enthusiast, and fearless entrepreneur.
Amanda began her professional dancing career at age 13. Competitive Sport Aerobics soon became her focus for a number of years where she proudly represented NZ at competitions all over the world. After studying a Diploma in Sport, Amanda crossed the ditch with PJ to pursue a career in the fitness industry. With more energy than an energiser bunny - Group Fitness instructing, Personal Training and Gym Management is were she shone. Creating and opening Habitat For Fitness is the outcome of over 14 years industry experience, a bit of hard work, and a whole lot of passion all mixed into one true home for fitness.

Amanda Chan-Borell instructs the following:
  • Tone
  • Tone barbell class will sculpt and strengthen your whole body, fast!
    We will focus on using low weights and high repetitions to burn fat & increase strength all while enjoying these easy to follow exercises to motivating music.

  • Booty Worx
  • Build a better booty with Booty Worx.
    In this 30 minute express workout, you’ll be working out every angle of your toosh, thighs, and core, like never before.
    Using a mix of bands, light weights, and body weight – we’ll be squeezing and pulsing to the beat of pumping tunes, to give you a fun, motivating, and rewarding class.

  • Spin
  • Using top of the range Keizer Spin Bikes - Things are about to get messy. An indoor cycling class based on outdoor riding terrains and intervals set to motivating music.
    Take the lead from your Spin Coach then set your own resistance speed and pace.
    Ride your way to a fitter you!