This class is taught by:

Michael Rongo

MICHAEL RONGO | Level 1 Personal Trainer

From an inspired member to a qualified Personal Trainer - This gentle giant won't just give you a good workout, he'll have you busting a move all the way home.
Michael has more energy and enthusiasm than you can throw a stick at. He can’t wait to help motivate and inspire others to learn to love fitness as he has.
If you’re looking for a trainer who knows how to put fun into a hard hitting session - come see Michael.

PJ Borell

PJ BORELL Founder & Director | Fitness Instructor

PJ is the proud Daddy of two energetic boys and the Founder and Owner of Habitat For Fitness with his wife Amanda. Rewind to the year 2000, PJ began his career as a professional Rugby League Player in Australia. After hanging up his footy boots, PJ completed his Bachelor of Sports Degree and began making his mark as a Personal Trainer and Gym Manager. After spending the bulk of his career working in Sydney, Australia, PJ returned home to NZ to make his vision of Habitat For Fitness come to life. Mentoring his team of dedicated staff and providing a true home for fitness to his members is his motivation for success.

Joe Merrall

JOE MERRALL | Level 3 Personal Trainer
With a colourful career including; Professional Animator, Professional Wrestling, RNZ Airforce Personal Trainer, Gymnastics Coach and more - Joe brings knowledge, experience and a holistic approach to his training style. He’s our resident movement and injury specialist with “The heart of a god damn lion”. Once you begin your journey with Joe, you’ll discover there is much more to exercise than losing weight or building muscle; he’ll help you understand the benefits of total mind and body conditioning.

Katie Quick

KATIE QUICK | Level 2 Personal Trainer
This talented Kickboxer not only keeps it real with her own training and competing, but holding a Bachelor of Sports Degree and over 9 years working in the fitness industry, makes her the well rounded and experienced trainer she is today. When you walk into a training session with Katie, you’ll be greeted with a ball of energy who’s ready to motivate and guide you towards achieving your fitness and wellness goals.
Warrior combines dynamic functional movements and high intensity cardio intervals using non-conventional equipment such as ropes, kettlebells, sleds and slam balls.
No workout is ever the same, so if you’re looking to spice up your workout routine then Warrior is for you.
Challenge the way you train!

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